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About Lab
Our masterpeice colognes and parfums immediately restore your pheromone levels to a maximum and pure effectiveness allowing you to naturally attract the opposite sex within seconds.

Our LAB produces daily the most advanced and highest concentration of pure human sexual pheromone colognes in the world.


We assure memorable results having a yield of 99% purity. Our pheromone colognes are undetectable and hypoallergenic.


Keep in a dry cool environment and shake well before each use.
Avoid any direct sunlight or heat.
Apply the same as you would when using any fine cologne or parfum.
It's just that simple!
Our pheromone colognes will remain highly potent on the body for up to 3 days. Once showered with water they are removed from the skin surface.

Enjoy the pheromone concept and most importantly, have fun!